Our Vision

Unlocking the power of decentralized media with blockchain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a decentralized media empire
that empowers artists, creators, and their fans.

Flask is creating the infrastructure
that will define the Web3 media and entertainment industry.

We leverage a vast network of entertainment companies, including game studios,
film studios, artists, digital marketplace, and blockchain technologists.

The benefits of Flask's Web3 Ecosystem include:
  • Direct monetization of media assets and content through smart contracts and micropayments
  • Peer-to-peer sales and content distribution
  • Direct customer relationships between fans and creators
  • Streamlined royalty payments



Fandom aims to create the best way to monetize
contents for all short form video creators.


NAODA is a platform focused on delivering Web2 media
and entertainment industry to Web3 through blockchain technology.


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